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Drag Race Car Restoration & Re-creation


With the booming interest in drag racing's renaissance period, the growing search and discovery of the era's hardware unearths more cars (most woefully incomplete) than there are people truly qualified to restore them.

Few of the original craftsmen are today active, able, or willing to fill this need. The succeeding generation, while willing and eager, have only a few of the bones as a guide, but none ever got close to riding the dinosaur.

A singular exception for the new milleninum is Pat Foster of Foster ProFab.  Over the last 35 years Pat Foster has literally built everything from Gas Coupes to Land Speed Record cars with every iteration of Dragster and Funny in between.  Working with the likes of Woody Gilmore, Ronnie Scrima, Frank Huszar, Jim Hume, John Buttera, Nye Frank, Tom Jobe and Mickey Thompson... Foster was involved in virtually every aspect of the Southern California cum national racing scene.

Beyond his craft and innovation, Pat was the test pilot de rigueur.  Best remembered as a touring professional, he was generally the first one turned to for the shake down runs in a new design or to sort out a the evil spirits haunting an existing ride.  Neither reckless nor foolish, Foster was the ultimate behaviorist when it came to sorting out a hot rod.  Today he lives and breaths due more to his technical understanding than blind luck and bravery.  Although, the latter is subject to considerable debate.

A builder at heart, after finally hanging up his helmet, Pat turned to Sports Racing Prototypes in Can Am and ultimately embracing the new generation aerospace metals and advanced composites, fabricated the prototypes for the near unbeatable Nissan IMSA GTP program.

As a restorer/recreator of old drag cars, Foster is unique in that he can handle the pipe as well as the tin.  He starts early, puts in a full day and gets a lot done.  Generally limiting himself to one project at a time, he gets the job back in the customer's hands in real time. Just ask legendary car owner Bob Creitz, who just had the chassis for the "Creitz & Donovan" AA/FD restored at ProFab.  Foster is the man!


Just a few of the name cars that have passed through ProFab in the last few years are:
The incredible reproduction of the 1969 "Beebe & Mulligan" AA/FD
"Creitz & Donovan" AA/FD restoration.
East Coast terror - "Jade Grenade" AA/FD restoration.
World Champion "Benny Osborn" 1968 restoration
Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen's Indy winning 1976 Vette
"The Surfers" recreation!
Frank Pedregon Tribute Coupe
Candies & Wales 1963 dragster restoration
1976 Candie & Hughes World Champion TF dragster restoreation.

If you have a dream and the money to run with it... Foster is your man.




Pat Foster can be reached at:
(208) 596-2293

Foster ProFab
630 N. Almon - Suite 110
Moscow, Idaho  83843


If you've got a car, a picture of a car or even a piece of one... Pat Foster can make it
a period correct reality. And you'll have it back to cherish and show in this lifetime!


Foster's Finest
No, this isn't RCE in 1968 - this is Tom Hanna's Kansas shop in August of 2000! In the foreground is the "Creitz & Donovan" AA/FD restoration and in the background is the "Beebe & Mulligan" AA/FD reproduction. The former was brought to Hanna's for a body and while it was there Foster did some "corrections" on the chassis. The "Fighting Irish" car was commissioned to ProFab by Dave West and it was also at Hanna's for tin.


Beebe & Mulligan
September 15, 2000. Dave West's "Beebe & Mulligan" reproduction sits naked in his driveway after its trip home from Kansas. This is exactly how it left ProFab. The car is ready to be painted, chromed and upholstered and an exact copy of the 1969 Winternationals winning 329 hemi will be installed. Take one look at this car and you'll know that Foster ProFab is the only place you would trust to do such a project.


 Beebe & Mulliagan at CHRR 2000

 Beebe & Mulliagan at CHRR 2000

Beebe & Mulliagan at CHRR 2000

Beebe & Mulliagan at CHRR 2000

Beebe & Mulliagan at CHRR 2000

Beebe & Mulliagan at CHRR 2000

October 07, 2000 -- Dave West's "Beebe & Mulligan" Foster Pro-Fab reproduction meets the world at the 9th Annual California Hot Rod Reunion at the Famosa Dragstrip outside Bakersfield, CA.  Speaking from first hand experience, seeing this car took me (and everyone else) back 31 years and stopped more than a few hearts. I will go as far as to say this is the nicest dragster I've ever seen. When the chrome and paint are added this will be a treasure for the ages.


Beebe & Mulligan
The finished product sits at the head of the famed Pomona push road ready to fire up in front of 50,000 people during the NHRA "50th Anniversary Nationals" in July of 2001. Dave West at the helm.


Chassis Jig - front
New chassis jig is the center point of ProFab's immaculate facility.

Chassis Jig - engine
Close-up of engine jig for the "Beebe & Mulligan" AA/FD recreation.

 Jr. Dragster chassis
Of interest, the unique Jr. Dragster Pat designed and built for Lucus Karst son of 1320 member, Darrell. This little beauty is the minimalist approach to the
Briggs and Stratton class. Tiny by comparison to the typical "Big Box"
offerings, it features a most unusual approach to rear suspension that
requires a little study to comprehend.

Chassis Jig - full view 
This state-of-the-art chassis jig was designed and built by Foster in preparation for his re-creation of the famed "Beebe & Mulligan" 1969 Winternationals car which he's doing under contract for a customer. It will also serve as the jig for all future ProFab dragster projects... either restoration or recreation. One look at Pat's shop tells you the pride and quality in his work.

Chassis Jig - close up
ProFab Chassis Jig - Close up. Note the adjustable brackets for any application.

Jr. Dragster nears completion
Nearing completion is the new Jr. Dragster of Lucas Karst. A beauty for sure. 


Jr. Dragster Complete
Lucas Karst with the trickest Jr. Dragster on the Planet!


Jade Grenade

Jade Grenade
Completed in September of 2001, the beautiful resroration of the "Jade Grenade" AA/FD. debuted at the 10th Annual California Hot Rod Reunion.




Foster T-shirt
Want a really cool T-Shirt? Foster ProFab has a limited number of these "Slingshotz" shirts for sale.Black T's with slick art work in three lively colors -- off white (seen above), orange or yellow.


Blood Behind Bars #3
From the pen of Kenny Youngbood


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