Although the so-called media experts at NHRA refuse to recognize WDIFL as a legitimate NHRA friendly drag racing site (thus no photo access) we still like to get a jab in every once in a while and share some Big Show happenings with our visitors. Here is some of the action - on and off track - you won't see anywhere else. If you are a WDIFL purist all we can say is there's coverage of The Greek and his 81st Birthday along with some cackles so its not all Big Show.




We'll start off with some shots of the ageless Chris Karamesines who, at 81, is the fastest old guy on the planet and an inspiration to all of us collecting Social Security.




As The Greek contemplated his current ride you have to wonder if he can ever relate to his car of 50 years ago. This guy truly has seen and done it all.




The instrumentation in the cockpit is worth more than the entire '59 car.







Years ago John Ewald acquired a cowl of one of Greeks late 60's cars and then he gave John the fuel tank out of the "204" car when we restored it to a cackle car. He figured the best way to cherish them was to have the Greek autograph them.



Greek and John. Hard to believe Chris is over 20 years older... and obviously looks better.


Karamesines family photo...daughter Paula Baldwin, Greek and granddaughter Krista.


Leigh Buttera Capps, Lil John Lombardo and least the girls look happy.


The Wally Parks Motorsports Museum was given a large hunk of real estate behind the grandstands to feature some cacklecars and promote the upcoming 50th NHRA Winternationals and 2010 March Meet.



Steve Gibbs & Denny Fosberg enjoyed some California sun.




The legendary Budweiser Clydesdales making their final appearance at an NHRA drag race. Bummer.



Leon Fitzgerald


John's neighbor and friend Karen Kennedy had never been to a drag race. At the Finals she got the whole tour including a cackle in the BankAmericar. Not a bad first trip to the digs.




"Maxed Out" Racing crew chief Bob Danly whacking the throttle to the crowds delight....not to mention Karen in the seat.







John prepping Katie Capps (Leigh Buttera Capp's daughter) for a cackle.






"Maxed Out" crew member Mario Garcia checks the head temp while Katie just enjoys.



Leigh Capps who is now the Patriarch of the Buttera family explains that these cars just go straight to her daughter...well, that's what it looks like she is doing.






The Troy Green driven High Speed Motorsports Nostalgia Top Fuel dragster was one of four invited to do a couple of exhibition runs but after two of the four Nitro Nostalgia Funny Cars oiled the track they were canceled due to lack of time.







Grandfather Steve Gibbs put daughter Cindy's boys to work on his 50 Ford.



First class all the way, Robert Height raised his first championship trophy as seen on the giant screen. Great guy and certainly a fan favorite.






Dixon vs. Massey - Semis


Bye-bye championship...







John and Ashley on their way to the top end to congratulate Robert on his championship.



All around good guy and great racer Gary Densham...low buck team that can run with the big boys. Would love to see what he could do with some good sponsor money behind him.


Just won't seem right no seeing the Budweiser name on the side of a race car next year.


Just some cool top end shots, check out the chassis flex and tire distortion.










This time Leigh Capps got in the Mastercar for a cackle, she said it was OK for a Buttera to sit in a Jim Davis long as it was nitro burning. Husband and fueler tuner Ronnie observed from the rear of the car.


Crowds love the up close noise and smell they get from the cackle cars...just lite one and the will come.












Mike Gasparrelli's Alcohol funny car got some oil under his right rear tire at the hit and instantly collected the right guardwall. There were some very lucky photogs on this deal as it almost "climbed" the wall.




Brett Harris was on hand to be recognized as the 2009 NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series Top Fuel Champion.











One of the nicest and prettiest ladies in drag racing Gwen Mc Williams gives a big smile for a night time cackle in the BankAmericar.


High Speed Motorsports NTF crew member Pete Palumbo got the seat in the Mastercar. This was Pete's first fire-up.




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