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Newest Front Engine Dragsters   - New Page 02.09.16

Early Rear Engine Dragsters  - New Page 02.12.16

1965 - 1979 Funny Cars - New Page 01.30.16

From The Beginning 1950-1959 

Drag Boats 1963 - 1979 - New Page 02.02.16

265 mph Drag Boats

NEW - Drag Racing Online Puzzles - Sample of 65 new Member puzzles.


Complete 2015 CHRR Race Coverage
 12 pages, 3000+ photos

REVISED 12-27 - 2015 CHRR Cacklefest Coverage  5 pages, 1400+ photos


The Zeuschel Files - Dave Zeuschel's Person Drag Racing Files
1st of 8 parts linked off of each page. Incredible piece of work by Bill Pitts.

Smirnoff Photo Shoot - by Don Prieto in 1967


New DVD: Remembering Lions Drag Strip


Never before seen 8mm video from Lions in 1967. It's a large file so depending on your browser speed give it time to load. It will open in your default video player. Trust me, its worth the short wait. Shot by Bob Henderson.
Lions Drag Strip Video from 1967


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  • Sample Newest Front Engine Dragster Photos  - Updated  02.06.16
  • Sample of Front Engine Photo Pages  - 308 pages w/50+ photos on each
  • From The Beginning - 1950-1959 - 19 pages
  • 1965 - 1979 Funny Cars  - New Sample  1.02.16 - 122 pages
  • The Transition to the Rear  - Rear Engine Dragsters 1971-1979  1.12.16 - 154 pages
  • Smoke on the Water  - 1960-1979 Drag Boats - 160 pages - New Page 2.02.16
  • *Since this has been going since dial-up, as the year pass the photos do get larger due to the fact that most people have some sort of high-speed internet.
  • The McClelland Collection - 7 pages from Big Mac
  • The Surfers Collection  - The legendary Skinner, Jobe & Sorokin - 2 pages
  • The Fuller Collection  - Kent & Evelyn Fuller's huge slice of drag racing history
  • The Tom Hanna Collection  - Over 60 pics with comments by Tom his own self
  • Frantic 4 A/FD Scrapbook  -  Weekly-Rivero-Fox-Holding A/FD - 2 pages
  • Bikini Beach - Photo stills - reviews - Pomona
  • More American Graffiti - Drag racing stills from the 1979 movie
  • Photo's by Pete  -  Mile High fueler shots from "Pete" Garamonne
  • Candid Camera - Rare shots played for laughs - add your captions
  • Rare Video Clips III - US Nationals, Jungle Jim and more
  • Rare Video Clips  - 1966 US Nationals and more!
  • Rare Video Clips II  - Surfers, "The Charger" and more
  • BankAmericar Video  - From Lions in 1969
  • Story of labor, dedication and fun!  1964 Texas Digger
  • Cupit & Cunningham AA/FD - They did it for love.
  • Nicholson - Landy Match Race  - Island Dragway, NJ 1966
  • 150 On Line Drag Racing Puzzles - members only
  • Drag Racer - The Movie - 5 part video
  • Nicoll Crash - 1970 U.S. Nationals vs Prudhomme (mp3)
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  • Drag Boat Links Page  - Links for the boat bunch
  • Top Fuel Driver Numbers - Div 1 thru 7 Top Fuel Drivers Numbers 1967 - 1979
  • Funny Car Driver Numbers - Div 1 thru 7 Funny Car Drivers Numbers 1967 - 1979
  • Drag Racing Nicknames (non drivers)
  • Driver Nicknames - Digger drivers nicknames - good stuff
  • Dragster Names - When cars had names and not corporate sponsors
  • Project 1320 - to chronicle drag racing's pioneers
  • WDIFL Drag Racing Gifts

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Photos are like memories, they're subjective. This site is all about memories through images. A large number of the photos herein were taken by professional photographers. However, many were taken by a teenager just trying to get a shot of his hero du' jour. Thus, the quality of these shots vary greatly. Memory wise, the picture taken with a five dollar Brownie 110 is worth more to the shooter than an image from some pros 2k Hasselblad.

My point is, it's not about quality, it's about sharing unrecorded history and lost moments captured on film. My goal has never been to post only the "perfect" shots. The objective here is to give back some of what many of us thought was lost forever. So my friends, enjoy what we've got left and be thankful we have it.


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