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The late Doug Thorley in his "Chevy 2 Much" at Phoenix in 1966.



In 1971 Car Craft Magazine did this photo shoot with six of the best floppers in the land..



Don Schumacher's "Stardust" 1968 Plymouth on its well used ramp truck.



Bruce Larson's USA-1 Camaro getting some attention in 1969.



This is a total mystery. Judging by the tow car and trailer this is a low dollar deal circa 1970.



This is a recreation of the 1968-69 Farkonas-Coil-Minnick "Chi-Town Hustler" that featured a one off engine placement. This unique left side driver set-up certainly gave Pat Minnick a clear view of the track but also served to use the torque of the engine as a tuning tool. Further, it was the first car to feature a roof hatch. For reasons nobody knows, this configuration was never copied even though it was one of the most successful flopper of its era.



Anne Mineo appears to be trying to fix the reverser on husband Gordon's "Flash Gordon" Firebird in 1974. Sadly the couple were killed in a high speed boating accident in 2006 on a lake in Texas..



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