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Tom McEwen's so-called "Super Mustang" at Pomona in 1967. This was another one of Ford's "better ideas" that wasn't. Their "dragster of the future" was a misbegotten attempt to meld a dragster with funny car technology. It was essentially a dragster chassis with a sprung rear end, automatic transmission, and radical streamlining. "Car Craft" headlined it as the "Dragster of Tomorrow". I was quite taken with it at the time. The irony is that none of its innovative features (rear suspension, auto trans, full streamlining) made it into future dragsters. Super Mustang also missed the boat on rear engines.

The real mystery about this car is: who twisted Ford's arm to approve its budget? Can you imagine a major car company bankrolling such a contraption today? Every once in a while, when things are riding high, you see wet dream projects like this, where it's obvious that someone's pet hobby venture is being financed. I've seen such things in my own line of work, but I've never been fortunate enough to have anyone pay me to build a pure play toy. When you see them, though, you have to appreciate them while they last, because they're never around for long.







The legendary Connie Kalitta is still battling it out NHRA Top Fuel Dragster. But here's his 1967 Logghe built Ford 427 SOHC cammer car. Ford basically dropped the cammer in his lap and asked him to turn it into a nitro Engine. He Did.




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